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The Chat GPT Extension is gaining significant attention as a tool for incorporating AI chat capabilities into work environments. In this article, we will explore how to effectively utilize GPT Chat for professional purposes, as presented by

1. Chat GPT Integration for Search Pages

The Chat GPT Extension for Search Pages is a browser extension that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate user interaction with search pages. When users browse search results for information, this extension displays a chat box adjacent to the search results.

Through this chat box, users can engage in conversations with Chat Open AI, enabling faster and easier information retrieval. Moreover, Chat GPT can provide suggestions and answer user queries related to the search results. OpenAI has developed this feature, which is now accessible on the Chrome Web Store.

Utilizing the Chat GPT Extension for search purposes, in conjunction with Google and Bing, enhances the accuracy of answers obtained. Once installed, this feature allows users to conduct searches on Google and Bing, with the Chat GPT results displayed alongside for comparison.

2. Web-based Chat GPT Extension

With the GPT Chat Extension, AI chat functionality can be utilized on any website without the need for a GPT Chat account. Simply enter a question, and the answer will be provided directly on the website.

To install this GPT Chat Extension, the Merlin assistant Chatbot utility, available on Google Chrome, can be employed. The installation process is as follows:

Step 1: Install the Merlin OpenAI utility on the browser:

Install Merlin Chatbot:

Step 2: After installation, use Ctrl + G or Ctrl + M to initiate a chat with the Al ChatBot Merlin.

Utilizing the Chatbot Merlin is straightforward. Ask questions in the dialog box, and it will provide answers to all inquiries, including those in Vietnamese.

The web-based Chat GPT Extension is commonly used to support sales, customer relationship management (CRM), and technical support websites. It is also effective in addressing queries related to products or services. This GPT Chat Extension enables users to intelligently and easily engage with OpenAI chat within their browser, saving time and improving overall productivity.

3. Integrating GPT Chat in Google Sheets and Docs

A notable feature of the Chat GPT Extension is its integration with Google Sheets and Docs. This utility facilitates idea generation, outlining, translation, editing, and summarization directly within Google Sheets spreadsheets. It employs two simple functions for customization:

  • Use =GPT to obtain results in one cell.
  • Use =GPT_LIST to acquire one list item per row.

Integrating Chat GPT in Google Sheets and Docs can address various tasks, including:

  • Generating blog post ideas.
  • Composing full text or instructions.
  • Creating lists of names, addresses, emails, or companies.
  • Summarizing content.
  • Crafting ad copy for platforms like Google and Facebook.
  • Simplifying SEO with a metadata platform that includes titles and descriptions.
  • Effortlessly translating to any language.
  • Outlining content for fan pages or websites.
  • Composing emails or blog posts.
  • Receiving suggestions for content style adjustments.

4. YouTube Video Summaries with GPT Chat

Furthermore, the Chat GPT Extension offers a YouTube video summarization feature, known as YouTube Summary. This feature operates as follows:

While watching a YouTube video, the extension automatically recognizes its content and generates a summary highlighting the video’s main title, subtitle, main idea, and key statements. This functionality enables users to quickly and easily grasp the content of YouTube videos. Particularly useful for complex and lengthy videos, the YouTube video summary feature by GPT Chat is ideal for individuals seeking to save time when consuming YouTube content.

5. Introducing AIPRM for ChatGPT: Enhancing Project Management and SEO Optimization

AIPRM for ChatGPT is an invaluable extension that leverages Chat AI artificial intelligence to assist you in planning, project management, and progress monitoring. By engaging in conversations with Chat GPT, you can efficiently extract and analyze data with remarkable accuracy.

For SEO professionals, AIPRM for ChatGPT proves to be an optimal tool. It offers a collection of question suggestion templates designed to optimize your webpage and boost its search engine ranking. With just a single click, you gain access to well-analyzed ChatGPT reminders encompassing SEO, SaaS, Marketing, and more.

6. Effortlessly Archive Conversations with Chat GPT

Manually transcribing entire conversations can be time-consuming, particularly when you possess a wealth of essential content to store. However, by utilizing Chat GPT, you can sidestep the need for manual copying. The system automatically archives the conversations you initiate, allowing for swift and easy retrieval of desired content whenever needed.

7. Voice-Activated Commands for Chat GPT

Chat GPT, an AI Chatbot developed by OpenAI in 2022, excels in interpreting natural language and generating detailed responses and lifelike dialogues. Its conversational format empowers Chat GPT to address follow-up inquiries, acknowledge errors, challenge incorrect statements, and more.

Moreover, you have the option to engage with Chat GPT using your voice, facilitating fluent, clear, and hands-free conversations via your microphone. By eliminating the constraints of manual input speed, the process of retrieving information becomes significantly faster.

8. Cargo: Simplifying Sales Email Writing and Activity Tracking

Harness the power of Chat GPT Extension to compose sales emails and monitor digital activities using customizable templates. This convenient feature is seamlessly integrated into the “Writer for gmail” extension, accessible directly through the Google Chrome browser.

With this functionality, you can write and edit text within the Gmail window itself, enabling additional capabilities such as image insertion, table creation, font adjustments, and more, without the need for external tools.

“Writer for gmail” empowers users to work efficiently, drafting documents and responding to email partners directly from their web browser. By streamlining email replies and enhancing professionalism, this tool saves considerable time and elevates the overall email communication experience.

In this article, we have outlined eight effective ways to utilize “Writer for gmail.” We hope that the information shared above proves helpful as you explore the potential of Chat GPT.

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