How to “order” ChatGPT to make a lot of money?

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Harnessing ChatGPT’s potential to generate significant financial gains requires mastering the art of leveraging its capabilities. Acquiring the skill to command ChatGPT is not only essential for individuals in the technology sector, but also for professionals across diverse industries such as accounting, content creation, communication, and more.

By adopting the right mindset and approach towards technological advancements and its practical application, ChatGPT can serve as a catalyst for financial success, benefiting both businesses and individuals by maximizing revenue and minimizing costs.


The founder of Ten Tickers, Le Huy Duc Anh, envisions ChatGPT as an indispensable personal assistant. For instance, students can employ ChatGPT to swiftly summarize online videos and lectures, saving valuable time. By inputting the transcript of a video or an online lecture, students can obtain a concise summary of the content within a mere 30 seconds, eliminating the need to watch the entire video series.

This application is immensely valuable, particularly in online meetings and educational contexts, enabling rapid comprehension of core concepts and bolstering study and work productivity. Apart from video summaries and online lectures, ChatGPT can also facilitate student tasks like translation and research.

Moreover, ChatGPT assumes an effective assistant role in professional settings, aiding individuals in generating reports, creating slides, brainstorming ideas, composing emails, writing content, rectifying English errors, and more.

Beyond its utilitarian functions, ChatGPT also injects moments of entertainment into daily life, providing assistance with endeavors such as selecting meaningful Valentine’s gifts for partners.


Furthermore, during the xTalks online event titled “Make Money from ChatGPT,” organized by FUNiX Online Education, Le Huy Duc Anh, a mentor at FUNiX and the founder of Ten Tickers, elucidated that ChatGPT can contribute to the development of commercial products, including story writing, novel and script composition, and writing services. By feeding basic data to ChatGPT, users can receive “raw” suggestions that can be refined and transformed into valuable commercial offerings.

Collaborating with other technological tools, ChatGPT becomes instrumental in the creation of visuals, videos, websites, books, and more. For example, newsrooms now establish TikTok channels and frequently share article summaries or highlight key content on the platform. By inputting article content into ChatGPT, editors can swiftly extract main ideas, saving time, increasing productivity, and consistently maintaining their TikTok channels.

Typically, businesses allocate significant funds towards generating ideas, content writing, and website programming. However, with the aid of ChatGPT, these costs can be reduced, representing a small fraction of the overall expenses in the long run.

Nguyen Dinh Duy, a FUNiX student and developer at BTC Vietnam, utilized ChatGPT for coding tasks, finding that the chatbot facilitated a deeper understanding of coding principles by synthesizing information from multiple sources. Additionally, ChatGPT proved valuable in translation endeavors, particularly for technical documents containing complex jargon. Moreover, ChatGPT streamlined workflow efficiency, offering suggestions for optimal file uploading and compression techniques. A single action by ChatGPT could replace numerous lines of code or propose detailed code structures.

In the realm of photography, ChatGPT could guide older users who lack extensive programming knowledge in creating websites to showcase their photographs. It could also assist in composing instructions for models during photoshoots, thereby showcasing the versatile applications of ChatGPT.


Le Huy Duc Anh emphasized that with the advent of ChatGPT, many traditional tools have become outdated while novel technological avenues have emerged. Embracing this wave of change, he believes that mastering the art of commanding AI is vital to effectively utilize this tool and enhance labor productivity. This skill is essential not only for individuals in the technology sector but across various industries such as accounting, content creation, data management, communication, and more.

In the realm of AI expertise, ChatGPT holds the potential to supplant mundane, repetitive tasks. During a recent Livestream hosted by the Vietnam Institute of Artificial Intelligence – AI Academy, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoai, the Director, emphasized that the advancement of artificial intelligence in general, including ChatGPT, is an “unstoppable” force. To mitigate any negative implications, it becomes crucial to emphasize the positive aspects of this technology. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hoai stated, “The crux of the matter lies in our ability to embrace ChatGPT as an ally, not an adversary. It should serve as our assistant, not our subordinate. AI in its entirety, and ChatGPT specifically, will enable us to work more efficiently, leisurely, and dedicate time to other contemplations.”

Presently, public opinion regarding ChatGPT oscillates between celebrating it as a superhero and fearing its implications. Nevertheless, the vital aspect lies in adopting the right attitude and approach toward technological advancements. The progress of technology and AI is a natural and inevitable progression that enhances labor productivity for individuals.

It will solely displace those who refuse to acknowledge or collaborate with technology and instead become slaves to it. Now, such individuals must adapt. Nguyen Xuan Hoai aptly explains, “For instance, the introduction of accounting software does not imply the demise of the accounting profession, just as owning a car or plane does not entail job loss for delivery personnel. The same principle applies to AI and ChatGPT.”

While numerous avenues exist for utilizing ChatGPT as a personal assistant and a means of earning income, within the “Living with AI” Facebook group, Le Huy Duc Anh expresses caution, stating, “Upon thorough reflection, this AI poses significant dangers. Its excessive usage can breed complacency, diminishing critical thinking, brainstorming, and stifling creativity. Therefore, even when leveraging and exploiting AI, we must persistently strive for self-improvement, my dear colleagues, and not allow ourselves to become overly reliant on it.”

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